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Roisin Murphy

Róisín Machine Standard Digital Album


Release Date: 02/10/2020

Available to download as MP3 or FLAC.

“Róisín Machine” is the culmination of a rich, decades long partnership between Murphy and one of her most trusted collaborators Crooked Man aka DJ Parrot. Although packed to the rafters with masterclass singles, including “Simulation”, “Jealousy”, “Incapable”, Narcissus” and “Murphy’s Law”, it is also an ingeniously and seamlessly edited listening experience, designed to be listened to in one uninterrupted sitting, from start to dazzling finish.

From the intoxicating disco-funk of “Incapable”, to the quintessential “Narcissus” which crystallised New-Disco and established a high watermark for the genre, to “Murphy’s Law”, a 70s inflected stomper, “Roisin Machine” offers up everything you could ask for on an exquisite plate. Added to the familiar tunes are five new songs, including the Dalek-funk of ‘We Got Together’ and the fantastical “Shellfish Mademoiselle”. An album that works perfectly on the home sound system but also comes alive in a basement sweatbox, it impeccably sits alongside Murphy’s stellar cannon of work released across 25 boundary pushing, trailblazing years, a career encompassing iconic music, directorial, art and fashion moments.

1. Simulation
2. Kingdom of Ends
3. Something More
4. Shellfish Mademoiselle
5. Incapable
6. We Got Together
7. Murphy's Law
8. Game Changer
9. Narcissus
10. Jealousy

Simulation 8:30 Bundle only
Kingdom of Ends 6:10 Bundle only
Something More 6:49 Bundle only
Shellfish Mademoiselle 4:18 Bundle only
Incapable 3:45 Bundle only
We Got Together 5:11 Bundle only
Murphy's Law 6:21 Bundle only
Game Changer 4:15 Bundle only
Narcissus 4:55 Bundle only
Jealousy 4:13 Bundle only
Roisin Machine Album Artwork Artwork Bundle only
Murphy's Law (Extended Mix) 8:00 Bundle only
Incapable (Extended Mix) 8:26 Bundle only
Something More (Extended Mix) 7:57 Bundle only
Narcissus (Extended Mix) 7:40 Bundle only